Our software helps protect what matters to

Our software helps protect what matters to

Integrated Risk Management Platform

Integrated Risk Management Platform

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Oodit platform

Get in control with Oodit Risk Management software

With our advanced Risk management platform, you will create a higher sense of risk awareness at all levels in your company. You will be able to discover connections and make strategic decisions based on actual insights. All Oodit users can share risks and help recognize and cope with risks. This way, you will increase your employees’ involvement and consequently the resilience of your company.

Get started quickly

Our software works intuitively and is very user friendly. You can easily upload your actual data and get started quickly. Thus, you can fully focus on managing the risks without having to worry about technique.

Grip on your risks

You will receive an automatic reminder to do your periodic risk analysis. Any user can add a risk at any time. In this manner you will always be in control of your locations.

Ensure follow up

The software will remind your team do their risk management tasks by installing automatic notifications. This way, you won’t have to keep track on the risks and any discussion about responsibilities regarding these risks will be absent.

Impress your management team

The program enables you to make your efforts regarding risk management visible. You can easily present actual reports and insightful visualizations. In that way you will allow your board to fully understand the current risks and to use this knowledge in making further decisions.

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Functionalities Oodit platform

Oodit was developed with the following functionalities in order to have a better control of your company’s risks and to keep a grip on the safety measures. In doing so, you will increase your company’s resilience.

Risk plans

You can start a Riskplan to identify your company’s risks and to registrate them. There are various options to be used for assessing the risks.

Risk heatmap.

You can plot your risks on an interactive map to get insight in geographical relations between risks. You can choose from 3 different maps: grey values, colour or satellite images.

Knowledge base and templates

You will be able to use one of the public templates and get started immediately. Or use your personal Riskplan and company template, so it can be used company wide.

Structure and measurements

Oodit Riskplan adds structure in managing your measurements, thus elevating your company’s efficiency.

Get important insights

Oodit Riskplan statistics will give you a better insight in the risks’ status, measurements and notifications within your Riskplan.

Personalized reports

Oodit Riskplan provides several different options in composing your reports, making it easier to communicate the results of your risk management to clients, insurers etc.

Working as a team

Oodit Riskplan enables you to cooperate with your team and invite experts or external employers, making it easier to share knowledge.

Define your Risk appetite

By using the Riskplan you create insight in the risk appetite of your company.

Integrated Risk Management Platform

You’re in Good hands

A large number of leading Dutch companies use Oodit platform to protect their employees, customers, data, brand, inventory, and shareholders.


Happy customers

Tim Steffens - Harbour master Port of Moerdijk

All risk scenario’s in one handy solution. Enabling you to focus on what really matters.

Tim Steffens – Harbour master Port of Moerdijk
Kees Kappetijn - Kappetijn Safety Specialists

Oodit made us achieve our security goals step by step.

Kees Kappetijn – Kappetijn Safety Specialists
Jan Willem Verkiel - Manager Harbour master Policy

Oodit has gave our general risk awareness a great boost in the right direction.

Jan Willem Verkiel – Manager Harbour master Policy